Welcome to the Jarrah Celts

The Jarrah Celts is Western Australian band of Celtic musicians based in Roleystone, in the Jarrah Forrests of the Perth hills, Western Australia.

Our music is Celtic Irish or Scottish - both modern and traditional. Get swept away with lively dancing jigs and reels, or sing along with us to rowdy pub ballads. Tunes from the Dubliners, Wolftones, Pogues, Mumford & Sons - as well as a few of our own tunes.

We play with passion and we play live with acoustic instruments such as Wooden flutes, Fiddle, Uilleann pipes (Irish pipes), Bodhran (celtic drum), Guitars, Citern, Double bass, Mandolin and Accordion.

The full lineup is 6 players, but our band size will vary depending on the occasion - often in lineups of 4. 

We can often be seen playing live at festivals throughout WA. You may have seen us at the Balingup Medieval Carnival, Romancing the Stone Gardens, the Toodyay Moondyne Festival  - or pubs such as Murphies, Best Drop Kalamunda, Fenians or Paddys Bush Bar.